JSDC Daycare Expansion Assistance Program; Creating Stable Support for 詹姆斯敦’s Local 工作force

JSDC Daycare Expansion Assistance Program; Creating Stable Support for 詹姆斯敦’s Local 工作force Main Photo



为帮助当地劳动力而创建, 詹姆斯敦 Stutsman Development Corporation’s (JSDC) Daycare Expansion Assistance Program promotes childcare start-up growth. By providing funding to childcare facilities focused on increasing capacity, the program aims to make more childcare options available to 詹姆斯敦.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, childcare has been at the forefront of national workforce conversations. COVID-19期间, 东北大学的一项研究表明 found that 20% of working parents had to leave work or reduce their work hours because of a lack of childcare. 从这个时期出来的, many companies and economic leaders have taken note of how imperative childcare is to workforce development. 例如,在2022年, JCPenny延长了儿童保育福利 to all 50,000 of its workers– including store and supply chain associates.

JSDC offers a variety of innovative program最小值g for businesses, 个人, 和家庭, and the Daycare Expansion Assistance Program is no exception. While the program directly benefits local childcare leaders who may not have the resources to start their businesses or expand, the broader community will also benefit in many ways. In 詹姆斯敦太阳报的一篇文章, 科里Shelvin, JSDC首席执行官, 州, “We want to see capacity expand for our workforce generally, so we can have more people working instead of staying home and looking after children.在这个项目的支持下, local childcare businesses and professionals enjoy support and assistance.


本质上, the program funds renovations to childcare facilities, 有资金可先到先得, 谁涨基础. New childcare startups and existing remodels that directly increase capacity are eligible for a 1:1 match, 而且不能超过10美元,配对基金. 符合资助条件的项目包括固定装置, 家具, 设备, 以及与建筑相关的扩建成本. The interest-free loan is prorated and forgiven over two years, contingent upon project completion; correspondingly, tenants must have a 最小值imum of two years remaining on their lease.

The project must be a licensed childcare facility through the state of North Dakota, 或者在获得执照的过程中. 除了, approval is required before the project start date, and all receipts must be submitted before reimbursement. New and existing providers who receive startup assistance through the match grant program are not eligible for any other JSDC program最小值g assistance.

By adhering to these guidelines, JSDC helps local childcare providers expand for long-term growth. With increased capacity, local childcare providers can increase the number of daycare attendees. With increased daycare attendance, more employment opportunities follow. 最重要的是, 增加日托选择, 詹姆斯敦’s workforce has the flexibility to pursue their career goals and ambitions.

Daycare Expansion Assistance Program: JSDC Helps Create a Healthy Economic Ecosystem

通过为儿童保育初创企业提供资源, the Daycare Expansion Assistance Program boosts 詹姆斯敦’s local workforce in multiple ways. Expansions to childcare businesses lead to increased employment, while providing a support network for 詹姆斯敦’s local workforce. 有了这个解决方案, 詹姆斯敦’s local workforce can take advantage of the many career opportunities in the area.

JSDC不断创新, community-led programs and solutions like the Daycare Expansion Assistance Program. To read more about why workers and employers choose 詹姆斯敦, 点击这里.